Association Mentoring Programs

Using S.I.M.B.L methodology and Socrategy OnTrack™, we can help your experienced members mentor your newer members. Participants cover basic and factual information, with self-directed materials, at their own schedule. Your experienced members then hold online mentoring sessions to address analytical skills, answer questions and review case studies. The online mentoring sessions can be planned to meet the mentor's schedule. Options can include, regular business hours, morning, evening and weekends, whatever schedule works for all.  This process can require as little as 30 minutes a week from an experienced member.

Professional and Trade Associations
Professional and trade associations seek to help its members be successful.  Its members' knowledge, experience and networking skills are major resources. Experienced members, wanting to be active in the association, can become mentors requiring a limited time commitment. In addition to providing mentoring to new members in the field, mentoring programs can also be provided by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to address new and changing industry issues.  Mentoring programs can bring additional value to association membeship and revenue.

Alumni Associations
Alumni are often proud of their schools and would like to give back to their schools by supporting the current student body. While being on campus might be their first option, geography, family and job responsibilities often make this impossible. Mentoring can be their answer. It allows alumni to remain active in their schools, without the need to be on campus. Besides helping the school and its students, it is a great source for identifying and recruiting new talent for their business.